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About Map & Match

An innovative online platform, Map & Match is based on the holistic approach developed by Chantal Gensse, which explores the functions of social systems, especially those within companies. This approach identifies links between companies, their environment, their organizational structure and how employees integrate with this system.

The aim of Map & Match is to aid companies’ to optimize their productivity by enhancing the wellbeing, drive and efficiency of employees within their roles. Through understanding the skills and talents of both individuals and teams within their organization, companies can become more dynamic and profitable, whilst providing collective fulfilment.

Margaux Grisard
CEO & Co-Founder

Chantal Gensse

Bruno Bremond
General Manager

Xavier Marcadé
Head of Canada & co-founder

Vincent Gensse
Marketing Director & co-founder

“I found that I am completely into structuring but not managing, I now understand better the nature of my points of strength.”

Employee in a Major Group



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