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Solutions from Map & Match

The Map & Match online tool is a stand-alone product that can be used without the need to interface with your company’s existing IT systems. There are a number of ways in which it can be used to help develop a more dynamic and productive organization.

Mapping the individual

Experience shows that in life, there are things we love, don’t mind or really prefer not doing. We have discovered that things we enjoy doing most are like DNA, they define us and last our lifetime. The ‘T5’ profile of an individual is defined by two to four talents out of a possible twenty. Knowing one’s ‘T5’ profile is like acquiring a compass for both personal and professional life. It is a new way to expose one’s richness, what one can bring to a team and to a project, regardless of previous experiences.

Mapping the role

The ‘M5’ is used to describe the intrinsic role of an individual or a collective. We use the same language to talk about ‘M5’ as we do to define an individual’s ‘T5’. This means we are able to match individuals or teams to different roles based on both their intuitive skills and the things they take joy in doing, regardless of their diplomas, experience, etc. Teams who have worked with this tool invariably report an improvement in both collective efficiency and enjoyment.

Expert 5A®
Promote organic development

Adaptation is a well-known organic process, throughout nature it serves to benefit, so why not take this process and apply it to business organizations? Chantal Gensse’s research led her to discover nature’s organic algorithm and apply it to the social and economic realm, as there is no better way to promote innovation, lean production and balance between cooperation and competition. The result is Expert 5A®, a unique algorithm that can be applied to organizations, teams, projects, professional development, etc. to enable and enhance growth.

Four ways to empower and optimise teams and individuals

Map the Profile

With the T5 profile we discover the key talents and drivers of individuals. We can then start to understand what kind of assignments will enable them to achieve their best, giving meaning and credibility to your employees within their roles.

Map your Team

Optimize your management. By mapping the profiles of those within your team you are able to delegate roles to the right individuals for a better collaborative workflow.

Map the Mobility

Support employees in their desire for career development while meeting the needs of your company. Allow individuals to move to more suited roles within the organization and achieve long-term success. Map the profiles of new or potential teams and anticipate their future performance.

Map and Recruit

In addition to their business skills, discover the T5 talents of candidates applying for roles within the organization ensuring you find the best fit for your existing work team.

“It’s amazingly convenient! We instantly get the double reading of an individual / organization!”

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