Optimize collective team performance thanks to a Saas mode management solution

Our Methodology to optimize collective team performance

Tool that facilitates the implementation of agile methods of organizations. This innovative technology makes it possible to “map” the innate talents of each employee, their impacts in a collective project and “match” them to the challenges of the company.
Four applications to:  identify, aligntransform and  enrich
Discover each employee’s talents to develop engagement, complete a team or recruit.
Assign each employee the best role to create an efficient team.
4 applications to increase your managementagility
Harmonize talents with Map Team : Cartographier and understand a team’s operational processes to achieve objectives.

"There is a before and after with map & match"

A truly powerful tool! Integrating job enjoyment and how employees complement each other with project challenges, Map & Match opens the door to a whole new world, a world where collective intelligence makes all the difference. Result: We have achieved optimized performance.

Maxime DidierCEO Comdata France

I was impressed by the results of the T5TM questionnaire which demonstrates that beyond technical and functional skills, talents can really create value. I encourage all companies to get on-board with this tool so they can place each employee in their ideal role.

AlexandreSanofi Collaborator

map & match was used as a resource in a multi-faceted project for corporate change. We were able to align the talents, the teams and the corporate challenges. This has really changed everything for us. It is “collaborative alchemy in action.
Réussir à mettre en phase les talents, les équipes et les enjeux du projet a vraiment tout changé pour nous.
C'est ça l'alchimie collaborative en action.

Alexandre LechenneCEO Globaz

I have only one word: wow!!!
This tool is excellent... it's the most interesting in its possibilities of use and the most relevant I've seen in over 20 years...!

Anonymous Recrutement in a big company

Matching the company's challenges with the expectations of its employees

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