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The natural energies and the operating dynamics of each employee to develop commitment, complement a team or recruit

Everyone has talents!

These specific talents, regardless of technical skills, experience or know-how, are the foundation of the "pleasure of doing" and are key value creators

 The T5™ profiles allows you to : 

  • Recognize and comprehend the natural engagement drivers of an individual or a group
  • Discover the natural leadership of each co-worker in his team or project
  • Be aware of which actions consume energy when they are associated with a specific responsibility


Get a team to think, commit and align itself with its missions, challenges and objectives. Develop agility and collaboration to improve performance and personal fulfillment. Each team has a specific intelligence to respond to its challenges

Based on the talents T5™ of the members of a team, Map Team maps the functioning of the team, its complementarities and helps to build objectively the steps of a successful collective plan.

Map Team helps you to solve these four problems:

  • How does my team work?
  • How do I optimize its functioning?
  • What are the hidden complementarities?
  • What do we need to achieve our goals?


Transforming is about getting everyone on board towards a common goal

The individual profiles and the collective mapping allow to understand how the organization works, to define the project roadmap and to ensure the success of the project through greater agility and collaboration

The map & match platform allows you to :

  • Anticipate the obstacles and drivers to the project’s completion
  • Identify facilitators and accelerators for project implementation
  • Engage each employee by focusing on his or her areas of expertise
  • Accelerate project delivery by making the team more agile and aligned


In order to transform and adapt, the entire organization must become a learner.

Train managers and employees to implement the principles of agility and cooperation.

In order to install and perpetuate the collective performance and adaptability of the teams, map & match has developed three training modules:

  • Certification in the map & match method to become autonomous in the use of the platform as a manager or HR manager.
  • Development of managerial skills and collective intelligence
  • Development of agility and collaboration in teamsmap & match is a Datadock certified training organization,

| Our solutions are available in stand-alone mode or can be supported by a certified map & match partner coach |

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