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We help identify the human capital wealth, the collective value creation and adaptablity of organisation

Engage people through their key talents what the genuinely enjoy
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Making more objective mobility and recruitment decisions
Develop a more agile, innovative and performant organisation

Our Map & Match platform

From our algorithm we have develpped apps to optimise your recruitment, the mobliity , the individual and collective performance of your organisation.


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About Map & Match
An innovative online platform, Map & Match is based on the holistic approach developed by Chantal Gensse , which explores the functions of the socia systems, especially those wihtin companies. This approach identifies links between companies, their environment, their organizational structure and how employees integrate with this system.

The aim of Map & Match is to aid companies’ to optimize their productivity by enhancing the wellbeing, drive and efficiency of employees within their roles. Through understanding the skills and the talents of both individuals and teams within their organization, companies can become more dynamic and profitable, whilst providing collective fulfilment.
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