Map & Match
A unique platform

From our algorithm, we have developed four applications to optimise your recruitment, your mobility and the individual and collective performance of your organisation.

Mapping the individual

A new notion of talent based on what one enjoys doing naturally, a 20 minute questionnaire to map your profil.

Mapping the role

Using the same notion of talent as the 'T5', the 'M5' module is used to describe the intrinsic role of an individual or a team.

Expert 5A®
A "systematic" model

A unique approach based on 25 years of research, applied to organisations, teams and projects to increase growth, performance and mobility.

Four applications for human resources management

Map the Profile

Accompany the individual development of your employees: give them the meaning and the tools, enabling them to complete their mission or their evolution.

Map your Team

Accompany your management by optimising the collective performance and the employees' engagement, identify the areas in need of improvement to address the issues. Align the common project, the talents and the organisation.

Map the Mobility

Retain and engage your employees by fostering mobility. Identify the available positions that best fit their profiles and map the newly created team to optimise its complementarity.

Map and Recruit

Beyond their business skills, identify your employees' or your potential candidates' talents and find the position that best suits them. Enrich your recruitment interviews and optimise the complementarity of your new teams.

Map&Match is an autonomous online platform independant of your company's existing IT systems.

« Before using Map & Match, half of our recruitments failed. Deploying the solution on all our teams made our organization more agile ! »

Nicolas d’Hueppe –
CEO Founder of Alchimie

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