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A unique online platform designed to map your employee’s intuitive skillsets and match teams for positive collaboration and improved performance.

Develop an agile, innovative and efficient organization

Discover the additional skills your business may require

Create greater understanding and synergy amongst teams

Improve employee’s job satisfaction and career development

Map & Match uses a simple questionnaire to profile each of your employee’s natural roles and skills. Our unique solution then maps each team’s collective abilities, so you can define employee’s responsibilities, fill gaps, provide informed support and drive the performance of your organization.

What are the benefits of using Map & Match?

For Employees

Feel fulfilled in your work. Gain greater insight into your intuitive skills, as well as those of your colleagues, enabling you to make better educated decisions about your role in the workplace.

For Managers

Create a greater synergy among your team. Understand their natural talents, as well as what drives them. Develop a collaborative intelligence and increase your department’s performance.

For HR

Manage the suitability of employees and candidates to job roles. Identify and anticipate ongoing staffing requirements. Develop a greater understanding of team’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Create a stronger network of support for both employees and managers.

For Organizations

Develop a more agile business. Increase productivity within your organization through the curation of dynamic, driven teams. Create a culture of enjoyment and job satisfaction amongst staff at all levels.

“This is really powerful! This way of combining effectiveness with fun is straight to the point. I hope that we implement your tool everywhere in our company!”

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