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your team’s performance and your employees’ commitment

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Develop an agile, innovative and efficient organization

Anticipate and recruit the talents your business requires

Create greater understanding and synergy within your teams

Improve job satisfaction and career engagement

For recruitment, mobility, and team performance purposes,
Map & Match has developed two simple and user friendly modules to map your employee's talents and assignments.

The benefits of Map & Match

For Employees

Feel fulfilled at work. Gain greater insight of your innate talents and collaborative skills, enabling you to make educated decisions on roles that best fit your profile.

For Managers

Understand the innate talents present in your team. Create a finer synergy within your team. Develop a collaborative intelligence to increase the efficiency of the entity.

For HR

Refine the adequacy between employees and assignments. Identify required resources on more objective and flexible criteria. Create an interactive and clever interface for managers and employees.

For Organizations

Develop an agile business. Increase productivity through the managment of your collective innate talents. Grow job satisfaction enabling a pleasant work environment.

“This is really powerful! This way of combining effectiveness with fun is straight to the point. I hope that we implement your tool everywhere in our company!”

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