map & match the SaaS platform for boosting individual and collective performance

map & match has developed an online test to map the “Pleasure of Doing” profile of each employee and a platform to analyze and better support employees, teams or organizations.

With map & match:

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Reveal the company’s talents

At the core of our platform, our algorithm maps an employee’s skills through a simple 20-minute online test. 
These specific talents, independent of technical skills, experience and know-how, are the basis of each person’s “pleasure of doing” and create value.

    Discovering a map & match profile is:

    • Understanding in an objective way its daily energy drivers
    • Identifying what consumes energy and can be a source of tension
    • Determining the phases of a project in which each person will be most involved
    • Revealing the mechanisms of decision making

    MapScan, the tool for all your analysis

    Contrast individual or collective profiles with the expectations of a position or a team, to accompany as coaches, consultants or HR professionals, recruitment projects, individual or collective coaching, transformation or training.

    Team map

    To establish a diagnosis of the operation of the team or the company to understand its natural operational mode.


    Profile map

    Discover an employee’s skills and discover them through their skills to guarantee commitment.

      … matched to the collective challenges

    To align towards better collaboration, accelerate the achievement of objectives and guarantee performance over time.


    … matched to the challenges of the position

    To face a profile with the expectations of its position and to accompany the training, the recruitment and the mobility in an objective way.


    … matched to the manager’s profile 

    To develop managerial skills, the complementarity of profiles and their areas of development.


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