map & match, mission-driven company

Our mission: To transform organizations by placing the pleasure of employees at the heart of individual and collective performance of the company.

Map & match is proud to be B Corp certified, joining a community of more than 5,000 companies worldwide and 300 companies in France that are committed.

We are transforming organizations by placing the pleasure of employees at the heart of the performance and valuing the diversity of profiles in the teams.
By integrating social and environmental impact into our decisions, we are helping to create a better world, always close to the needs of our customers.

We look forward to working together to achieve common goals and create a sustainable future for all.

Our values


It is a commitment to provide the best customer service. Because each client and each solution is unique, the quest for excellence is a core value at map & match that every stakeholder recognizes.


It’s about listening, sharing and solidarity. Committing to map & match means ensuring the well-being of all stakeholders by considering them and being attentive to their desires and needs.


It means sharing a common goal and working towards its success. Having a collective dynamic at map & match means working with each other, thanks to a strong team spirit.


It’s about ambition, autonomy and a sense of responsibility. Working with map & match means being aware of our ever-changing environment and adapting to it proactively.

Our social commitments

  • We’re delighted to share our partnership with the association La Vie de Kintsugi, aiming to train their health coaches in individual coaching using map & match.
  • We’re partnering with “CDME” (Association for the promotion of timeshare) to offer their members the completion of their T5profile. 
  • Each employee is voluntarily invited to propose associative projects that can benefit from the company’s pro-bonos actions. 
  • Interested in an associative partnership?
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Our environmental commitments

  •  By joining map & match, each employee commits to respect our environmental charter. 
  • By 2023, map & match is committed to tracking and reducing:
    Its energy use by 5% and its carbon impact by 5%
    Its digital pollution by initiating the AFNOR SPEC 2021 eco-design certification of its platform and website 
  • The selection of our suppliers depends on their environmental impact, we favor committed and respectful suppliers.


Our history

Founded in France, map & match approach is the result of decades of research combining high-level sports and the business world.

Before map & match 

20 years of research by Chantal Gensse, to develop the T5™ model and talent.

2003: “Manager aux 5 passeports” nominated for Manpower Management Award

Since 2000, applications with high level athletes (including JP Vidal, A. Mauresmo, F.Gabart)

From 2010,
application of the model in companies with executives and managers.

Creation of map & match 

 2016: Development of the first version of the platform around the project of transformation of the HR function in France for the Sanofi group.

2017:  Launch of map & match certification Academy for coaches, consultants and HRBPs


Selection of map & match among the start-ups accelerated by the WAI BNP Paribas

Development of the team sales, IT, communication and customer care 

Internationalization: Certification of coaches and recruiters in Switzerland, Canada, Germany.   

Scale up 

60 recurring clients

130 certified coaches in

7 countries

> 10000 users

Platform in 6 languages

Our team

Margaux Grisard

Margaux Grisard

President & co-founder

After 5 years of auditing at Arthur Andersen and several years as an administrative and financial director, member of the board of directors of an Italian-American group in the automotive industry, Margaux became an entrepreneur in 2001 by creating her own consulting and financial
Margaux became an entrepreneur in 2001 by creating her own consulting and financial management firm based on a network of independent consultants. Convinced that the Human is the first factor of success of the company she joined Chantal Gensse in September 2013, to deploy the Expert 5A model.
She co-founded map & match in late 2015. Graduated from Dauphine (MSTCF), and holds a diploma in accounting (September 1988)

Fazilla Railland

Fazilla Railland

Executive director

Prior to joining Map & Match, Fazila spent 10 years working on projects restructuring companies and implementing change.
She has developed experience in multiple disciplines, previously working as a consultant for leading European companies in the acquisition of industrial assets in Northern Africa. She has also developed different systems to adapt and evaluate professional skills in collaboration with universities. In parallel, her role as local elected councillor has enabled her to acquire in-depth knowledge of territorial issues related to employment and economic growth.
She graduated from WIBS (Weller International Business School) and has an MSc in International Marketing from CNAM.

Laurent Cunet

Laurent Cunet


Laurent joined Map & Match with 15 years’ experience in web and mobile applications, digital marketing and Cloud structure management. He has implemented information systems for companies and developed CRM applications and processes to manage professional infrastructures. His vast experience in the domain of new technology and his expertise in supporting business solutions is widely recognised.
As an entrepreneur specialising in the development and management of technical teams, he founded SSII Partner IT Group and participated in the launching of a start-up: You2You.

Valérie Jones

Valérie Jones

map & match Academy director

Valerie’s 20 years of experience in corporate HR development and consulting has led her to work alongside executives to develop hundreds of employees internationally. Close to business strategy, she has led global projects in recruitment, talent management, succession planning and training. She has also led the deployment of multilingual digital training and facilitated executive development sessions in leadership and management skills.
She holds a Master of Laws from the University of Glasgow and an MBA from Solvay Business School.

Scientific committee

Chantal Gensse

Chantal Gensse

Scientific director & co-founder

Former researcher at the CNRS in France, then at Dupont de Nemours in the USA, Chantal Gensse is an expert in systemic medicine and a graduate of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). She also accompanies high level athletes (Amélie Mauresmo, François Gabart, Jean Pierre Vidal) and political personalities.
Chantal Gensse is the author of several reference books on systemic business, a lecturer (ESCP, Comité Médicis, EPF, INSA, IAE, etc.), an engineer, and holds a French doctorate from the University of Orsay and an American doctorate from the University of Illinois (PhD).

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