Training « Enrich your recruitment with map & match »

This training aims to enrich your recruitments or those of your clients by objectifying and enriching hiring or internal mobility decisions. 

Matching job description
Turning a job description into desired talents


Team matching
Analysis of the candidate’s integration and complementarity with the future team

Exchange increases

Identification of issues to be discussed with the candidate during the last interview before recruitment

Matching challenges

Analysis of a candidate’s profile (strengths, points of attention) in relation to the challenges of the position

Manager matching

Analyzes the candidate’s profile in collaboration with his or her manager

Program & Goals



This training is intended for leaders, managers, human resources professionals and team members.
This training is open to people with disabilities.

Our trainers

Margaux Grisard, map & match certified expert

Valérie Jones, map & match certified expert

Delphine Hervot, map & match certified expert


450 € HT / person

Training eligible for the OPCO system


  • Next session on demand
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for a group training of 5 people minimum or for a half-day format


Be map & match certified and be interested in recruitment issues at all levels of the company

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