Training « Managing with T5 »

Purpose: To understand how to adapt one’s management style thanks to an innovative approach to the talents of each employee and to collective performance in order to optimize the effectiveness of teamwork.

Discussion during the session to apply the knowledge to your environment as closely as possible to your needs.


Follow-up before, during and after each session through real-life application exercises.



Facilitated by a trainer who is an expert in the model and shares real cases from her experience.


Differentiating skills

Acquisition of new skills that will impact your career path.

Program & Goals



This training is intended for leaders, managers, human resources professionals and team members.
This training is open to people with disabilities.

Our trainers

Margaux Grisard, map & match certified expert

Valérie Jones, map & match certified expert

Delphine Hervot,  map & match certified expert


800 € HT / person

(completion of the profile and debriefing in addition)

Training eligible for the OPCO system



  • To be planned according to the needs of the company

    Do not hesitate to contact us for a group training of 5 people minimum or for a half-day format


  1. Have been confronted with collective work problems and be in a situation of collaboration with several people.
  2. To have completed the map & match profile and its debriefing.

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