Become a certified map & match coach expert

Discovery of a new systemic model from the living world and the profile of the “Pleasure of doing” of a collaborator to create value in the company

Quick implementation of your offer

A quick assimilation and handling of the model and the tool for an immediate implementation in your service offer or in ongoing projects


Developing your network

Integration into a new ecosystem of map & match partners to share, open and contribute to new potential projects

Developing your offer

Increased capacity to process a wider scope, produce objective, relevant and rapid analyses and recommendations


Setting up at your customers’ premises

A long-term and growing implementation with your customers

A hybrid course for

  • Interactivity during the sessions to apply the knowledge to your environment

  • Animation by an expert trainer who shares concrete cases from his experience

  • Long-term support for your first clients as they learn to use the tool

  • Practical exercises to reinforce individual and collective coaching


    Our next sessions in French, contact us for sessions in English

    Jan 23rd and Feb 6th, 2024

    Feb 13th and Feb 27th, 2024

    March 19th and April 4th, 2024

    May 16th and May 30th, 2024

    June 20th and July 4th, 2024

    Sept 19th and Oct 3rd, 2024

    2000€ HT*

    Program & Goal

    Learn a new approach to each employee’s talent based on the systemic principles and master the full features of the map & match application.


    at your own pace with unlimited digital content accessible from home


    in a small group of learners led by a trainer who is an expert in the model

    DAY 1

    Group practice

    Become autonomous in reading and debriefing an individual profile (its talents, its irritants, its place in the value creation cycle, facing problems…)


    From home, at your own path

    Before, after, and between the 2 days of practice, discover and learn to read the approach.

    DAY 2

    Group practice

    Become autonomous in the diagnosis and coaching of a team (team mapping, characterization of its challenges, team/goal matching)


    This training is intended for :

    • Coaches/consultants in firms who wish to enrich their consulting offer.

    • Leaders, managers and HR professionals who wish to strengthen their managerial culture through the talents of individuals and their teams.

    This training is open to people with disabilities.


    1. Completion of your profile + Debriefing (1h)
    2. Access to the theoretical E-Learning content in a chronological way
    3. Two days of practical training. In small groups to encourage exchanges
    4. Validation of knowledge: exercises + 1 hour of simulated debriefing in 1to1 with the trainer
    5. Access to communication and animation supports via a dedicated partner website.


    • eligible for OPCO reimbursements
    • To have completed the T5™ profile and its debriefing (included in the cost)
    • To have been confronted with management positions, individual or collective coaching or in the HR function in contexts of individual support in recruitment or career development perspectives.

    *eligible for OPCO reimbursements



    Taux de satisfaction

    de formation

    moyenne donnée à l'utilité de la formation sur son travail

    “Passionnant, richesse de l’ensemble assez exceptionnelle (formation, mise à disposition des ressources, plateforme….)” 

    Gaëtane G.BUREAU, 2022, Mind Partners

    "J'ai adoré les partages d'expériences et les mises en pratique nous permettant de nous projeter concrètement avec nos clients”

    Ulrich ANDRE, 2021, UNIONéSENS

    “Adaptabilité, pédagogie, richesse de l’outil qui permet plein de perspectives différentes et s'intègre facilement dans une vision de coaching plus générale”

    Laurence GARRISSON, 2022, OYA Como Va

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